Review Of The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 Tyre 

It is without doubt that studded tyres are great for winter season. They make driving on icy, wet and snowy roads much easier. When you decide to buy studded tyres for your car, you will have a lot of options from different manufacturers to choose from. One specific type that you should consider buying is the nokian hakkapeliitta 8. Many people that have used it have so many things to say about it. You can rest assured that it will not disappoint when you buy it.

The nokian hakkapeliitta 8 is made with the revolutionary stud 8 concept from Nokian that offers safety as well as controlled behavior in harsh winter conditions. It is made of a number of components, namely an ecofriendly next generation stud, a patented eco stud cushion that does a great job of boosting the stud’s operation while at the same time dampening the road contact, and a flange design that minimizes stud impact. This concept together with the innovative stud distribution that the tyre features provides it with supreme winter properties.

You will experience very good grip while accelerating and braking on ice packed roads. The rear part of the nokian hakkapeliitta 8 tyre features an edged saw pattern that enhances the grip on the tyre. It is designed to provide additional safety when you are driving in demanding weather. The pattern increases the contact of the tyre with surface of the road and increases the braking grip effectively especially when you are driving on snowy surfaces. The tyre also features a fixed direction tread model that is symmetrical and very perfect for winter tyres. It supports wide spacing of studs to reduce driving noise and optimize grip. It has smaller road wear effect, its studs are long lasting and the rolling noise of the tyres is not too loud.

You will also appreciate the quick steering response that the nokian hakkapeliitta 8 features. It has diagonal 3D support sipes that greatly improve its bare-road handling capability. The treads are located at the center of the tread in order to stiffen the structure of the tyre and improve the driving feel. They enable the tyre to respond quickly as well as sensitively to steering movements when you are driving your car. You will not feel like you are straining too much in the hands to control your car on snowy, muddy or icy roads.

When you buy the nokian hakkapeliitta 8, you will get the Nokian tyres satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee allows you to swap the tyres you would have purchased with another set at no additional cost within 30 days if you are not satisfied with their performance. All you need to do is return the tyres to the seller with the original receipt you were given when you purchased them. But you will have to make sure that the tyres do not have any damage that you inflicted on them to be able to qualify for the exchange. They should be as good as they were
when you bought them.

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