Things To Do When You Decide To Buy Studded Tyres 

Buying studded tyres is something you must do if you come from a place where the temperature on roads is near or at freezing point in winter. These tyres are the best way to enhance traction in winter. You will be able to drive on the icy and snowy roads easily as compared to driving with all season or summer tyres. The studded tyres are known for offering excellent traction on hard packed snow or ice especially under braking. They can literally save your life if you accidentally hit hidden black ice while driving on the road.

When you decide to buy studded tyres, there are a number of things you need to do. First and foremost, you need to buy four matching studded tyres. If you are operating on a tight budget, you may be tempted to purchase just two of these tyres for your drive axle. By all means, do not do this. When you fit two studded tyres on your vehicle to work with two all season or summer tyres, it means that two wheels will grip and two will not. This can cause your vehicle to spin out of control very easily when you are driving on slippery ice roads.

Another thing you will need to do when you decide to purchase studded tyres is budget for installation. Different tyre shops may have different rates for tyre mounting and balancing. You need to visit a number of shops in your area and find out what they will charge you for these services. There are some that include the cost of installation in the price of the tyres. If you do not know how to install these tyres, make sure that you delegate the job to a professional to avoid the risk of doing it wrongly.

It is also important to buy the studded tyres early. Do not wait until it is winter to start rushing through tyre shops looking for the tyres. Most retailers stock snow tyres in fall, so it is better if you buy them during that time. If you wait until winter, you may end up paying a lot of money because the demand will be high. You may also get stuck with a picked over selection if you do not buy the studded tyres early enough.

Another thing you should definitely do when you decide to purchase studded tyres is consider getting the wheel package. Even though re-mounting your tyres onto your existing rims whenever a new season approaches is one thing you could do, it would be easier if you mount the studded tyres on their own wheels. By doing so, you will make installation of the tyres much cheaper. You can save up to $50 whenever you want to swap tyres in readiness for a new season. Mounting the snow tyres on their own wheels will also make seasonal tyre changeover something that you can do on your own without necessarily hiring a professional.

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