How All Weather Tyres Are Different From All Season Tyres

All weather tyres are the best to buy if you do not want to be bothered with yearly tyre changeovers or storing the tyres in your garage. These tyres are designed to work properly on the road in all four seasons. You will not need to switch to summer tyres when summer comes or winter tyres when the cold season sets in. They stay flexible in temperatures above and below 7 degrees Celsius and provide excellent grip on wet roads, slush, snow as well as bare asphalt.

You should not confuse all weather tyres with all season tyres. While the two may sound the same, they are quite different from each other. The all season tyres generally feature a harder compound that is supposed to give them a longer tread life. Unfortunately, that compound loses traction at temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius and lower. The all season tyres will only serve you well during the three seasons of the year but not during extreme winters when temperatures are too cold. You may need to buy a set of winter tyres if you come from a place that experiences very cold winters.

The tread pattern of all weather tyres is different from that of all season tyres. The all weather tyres feature an aggressive tread design and siping to provide stability. They normally bite into snow and push away slush and water during the cold season to give you a comfortable driving experience. All season tyres on the other hand feature a tread pattern that is designed to reduce noise while at the same time providing a comfortable and low rolling resistance ride in summer. They are however not perfect for winter because channels get clogged by snow and slush, something that makes them unsafe for winter roads.

When shopping for all weather tyres, make sure that you look for the severe service emblem for winter conditions. It is one of the things that will help you choose the right tyres that will give you value for your money. They also feature high tech compounds that are designed to handle slush, rain, sun and snow. They are the only type of tyres that can handle anything that Mother Nature can throw at you when you are driving on the road. When you put them on your vehicle, you will not need to remove them as the seasons change throughout the year.

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