Studded vs Non-Studded Winter Tyres

Choosing winter tyres for your vehicle may look like an easy idea for many. However, if you have never bought these types of tires in the past, you have to take some time to ponder about the key question relating to choosing between non-studded tyres and studded tyres. As you consider your options, you will need to ask yourself a number of questions, including how much you drive during the cold season, the type of driver you are, the kinds of roads you use, and your winter driving experience.

In autumn when the temperatures and weather conditions are hard to predict, the non-studded tyres are a better option compared to their studded counterparts. The major benefit of the studles tyres is that once you mount them on your vehicle, you will not need to remove them until the cold season is over. You will be adequately prepared for the rapidly changing conditions of the road during the winter season when you install these tyres on your car. You will also be able to drive comfortably and safely on the road.

Apart from being great for places where autumns are hard to predict, the non-studded tyres are also great if a quiet ride is important to you. They provide a quieter ride compared to studded tyres when you are driving in milder conditions. However, for places where the roads are icy than snow covered in winter, it would be a better idea to go for studded tyres. For areas that get more snow than ice, the differences between stud tyres and studless tyres even out.

One thing you need to keep in mind when choosing either studded or non-studded winter tyres is that they are supposed to be used in winter. They are made of softer rubber and have treaded patterns that are specifically engineered to handle ice and snow on wintry roads. When used on clear roads in areas that experience warmer temperatures, they wear much faster. So make sure that you have a set of all season or summer tyres to use in summer when you buy non-studded winter tyres.

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