Difference Between Studded Tyres and Non-Studded Tyres

Driving in winter can be a very challenging experience if you do not have the right set of tyres on your car. If you want to have an easy time driving on the snowy, slushy, icy and wet winter roads, you need to invest in the best studded tyres that can handle these conditions. There are a lot of options of winter tires on the market for you to choose. However, if you come from a region where winters are severe, you cannot go wrong with the studded tyres.

So what makes studded tyres different from other types of winter tyres? The studded winter tyres have metal cleats that are known as studs. The studs are made of durable metal and embedded in the tread. They are designed to dig into the ice as you drive on the challenging winter roads and provide added traction.

Most countries that experience severe winter weather limit the use of the studded tyres during the non-winter months. Some countries have outlawed their use altogether. So, make sure that you determine whether you are allowed to use these tyres in the place you come from before you go ahead to purchase them. Alternative winter tyres that you can buy if studded tyres forbidden in your area are non-studded tyres. Instead of having metal studs in the tread, the non-studded winter tyres lean on advances in tread design, rubber compounding and other technologies to provide improved performance on wintry roads.

When the temperatures become extremely cold in winter, the tread rubber of the non-studded tyres becomes stiffer and when used on snow and ice packed roads, these tyres can maintain flexibility even in freezing temperatures. This flexibility is made possible by the advanced rubber compounding technologies. The increased flexibility of the rubber makes it possible for the tyres to maintain traction on the icy, snowy and slushy road surfaces.

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