Tips on How to Use Winter Tyres For SUVs

Winter tyres are very important for safe driving during the cold season of the year. There are some countries or places across the world where they are mandatory and others where they are optional. If winters are extreme in the area you come from, you will be making a very wise decision to fit these tyres on your SUV even if they are not mandatory. You should not wait until you get stuck in a snowstorm to start thinking of buying them. They can help you drive with ease and safety in the icy, snowy and slushy wintry conditions.

The golden rule to follow regarding the winter tyres is that you need them on your SUV when the temperatures drop near 0 degrees Celsius. At this point, the performance of summer tyres becomes very poor because they do not have features required for driving on snow and ice. All-season tyre may work a little bit, but the compromises that they are made with in order to work well in other seasons make them unsuitable for the cold winter weather. When the winter weather becomes unpredictable and it looks like things can turn abruptly harsher any time, you would not want to take the risk of driving on the road with the wrong set of tyres.

Winter tyres are usually made of rubber compounds that remain flexible and soft even under low temperatures. This is contrary to the all-season and summer tyres that tend to become stiffer in cold weather conditions. The winter tyres also feature a highly grooved tread pattern that provides optimal performance on the cold roads. Even when temperatures drop below freezing, your SUV winter tyres will still be able to traverse the road with ease provided that you invest in a quality set of winter tyres.

In some European countries such as Iceland, Finland, Austria and Estonia, it is mandatory to have winter tyres on your vehicle during the cold winter months. However, there are other European countries where these tyres are not a legal requirement. To avoid getting yourself into trouble, make sure that you check laws and requirements of neighbouring countries before crossing borders. You do not want to drive to a country where SUV winter tyres are necessary and get yourself into trouble that you could have avoided with a little research.

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