Important Features of Winter Tyres

Driving in winter is not fun, or safe, unless you install proper winter tyres on your vehicle. Without winter tyres, you may as well end up parking it in your garage to wait until the temperatures become warm again. Back in the day, people used to fit snow chains on their tyres to keep them pliable on the snowy and icy roads in some areas. That is not necessary nowadays because advancements in technology have led to the introduction of winter tyres that perform well on snowy, slushy and icy roads. If you do not like the hassle of installing snow chains on your car whenever winter approaches, you can just buy a set of winter tyres to use during this season.

So, what exactly makes winter tyres a top choice for places that experience extreme winter weather? The first thing is the special tread pattern of these tyres. The tread pattern that they feature allows them to maintain contact while you are driving your vehicle through snow, ice and slush. It also helps to pack snow within the tread blocks to increase traction. Even though snow on snow traction may not seem entirely intuitive, it is pretty good. Packed snow in the tyres helps a great deal when you are driving your vehicle through it.

Another feature that makes winter tyres ideal for use in cold weather is the sipes. They are tiny slits or cuts found in the tread blocks of the winter tyres. They act as biting edges that grip irregularities on the snow and ice packed roads and make sure that the tyres are properly held in place. The sipes that are found on the modern winter tyres feature a zigzag shape to allow for increased rigidity of the tread and better lateral grip when you are driving.

Studs are another notable feature that makes winter tyres ideal for cold weather. The benefit of the studs is evident in places where are typically covered with ice in winter. They dig into the ice to provide more traction and allow you to have better control over your vehicle.

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