What First-Time SUV Owners Should Know About Non-Studded Tyres

If you are planning to purchase a set of non-studded tyres for your SUV, you have two options to choose from, namely studded and non-studded tyres. While both are efficient to use during the winter season, they both have unique properties which effectiveness will mainly depend on the condition of the road where you intend to use them.

Basically, SUV non-studded tyres are most suitable to use in areas that experiences moderate winter weather where the roads are mostly covered with slushy snow. Once you have done your research on which brand offers the most reliable non-studded tyres and for a reasonable price, then you need to buy a set as soon as possible.  If the winter season is looming in your region, you should buy the winter tyres at least a month earlier.  This will help you avoid the hassle when their prices increase or when their demand is very high.

SUV non-studded tyres, as mentioned earlier, perform better when the winter is not that harsh, so they should be able to provide more flexibility especially when you are about to switch from regular tyres when the spring and autumn season approaches. Another great property of this type of tyre is that they produce less noise than studded tyres. When you are driving on snow packed roads, they will roll smoothly and quietly just like summer tyres on dry roads. However, they are not suitable to use for the whole year so once the winter comes ends, you need to switch to your all-season or summer tyres.

Overall, when installed correctly, the right set of SUV non-studded tyres can increase your safety when the temperature starts to drop significantly. You will not need to worry about your safety whenever you hit the road.

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