Tips for Buying Good SUV Summer Tyres

Most SUV usually come with all-season tires when you first buy them. Even though the all-season tyres perform reasonably well in all four seasons of the year, their performance in summer cannot beat that of dedicated summer tyres. Also known as performance tyres, the summer tyres provide excellent grip in warm weather conditions. They are not made with any compromises for other seasons, making them the ultimate choice for mild weather driving. Summer tyres are useful especially if you have a sports car or luxury vehicle.

When looking for good summer tyres to buy, it is essential to research first. Make sure that you understand the right size of tyre for your SUV. You can find the size on the sidewalls of your current tyres listed in the following sequence: P265/70R16. If you do not know what this tyre code means, you simply need to write it somewhere and carry it with you when you go shopping for the tyres in the tyre shops near you. When buying replacement tyres for your vehicle, you need to make sure that they match what is noted on the car door jamb or in the owner’s manual.

You also need to know how to determine the age of the suv summer tyres you want to buy. Even if you’re going to buy new tyres, age is something that you cannot ignore. Tyres tend to deteriorate over time even if they are not in use. You can find the date that a tyre as manufactured on its sidewall. The date is noted as a four-digit number that follows a letter sequence that starts with a dot, followed by the week it was manufactured, and then the year that is was produced. For instance, if your tyre has the number 5013, it means that it was made in the 50th week of 2013.

Before you part with your money to pay for the suv summer tyres, make sure that you think about warranty. If you buy a tyre and it wears out prematurely, you need to know if the person you will buy from will give you a free replacement tyre. The last thing you want is buying tyres that do not have a proper warranty and start having problems with them moments after you obtain them.

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