Proper Maintenance Of Your Summer Tyres

Tyres should be seen as one of the car’s main safety features. After all, they are the only part that is interacting with the road surface, as you cruise down the roads at high speed or are maneuvering around sharp corners. You can imagine the scenario, if the road surface isn’t optimal. Visualize that it is covered with snow or ice, or heavy rain or slush, you can then imagine how significant it is, that you have proper tyres on your vehicle to safely drive through these conditions. We often see on the news how what happens in countries where people are not used to get snow and they still get behind the steering wheel and start driving with disastrous results, as they have zero traction. With the correct tyre selection, these conditions would not be a problem

So tyre selection is critical, to ensure that yor tyres match your driving habits and conditions. Once you have the best possible tyre for your vehicle, then you still need to make sure that you take proper care of them. It is good to make it a habit to regularly do a visual inspection of the tyre to look for any visual damages. Cuts or tears can lead to the tyres exploding or a flat tyre. The tyre explodes is dangerous as it may make you lose control over your vehicle. So hopefully that can be avoided. Then you can end up with the flat, where you have a gradual decline of the tyre pressure, to a state where you can’t continue driving. Some summer tyres have flat run properties, where you can drive 50km at full load with a flat tyre. This can be very useful if something happens on a dark road.

In addition to the visual inspection of the outside you also need to check the thread depth, to ensure that the tyres are not too worn out.  A tyre should have at least 4mm of depth left. Then comes the tyre pressure, this is also critical both from a safety perspective as well as an economical one. If you have wrong pressure, you are not allowing the tyres to function as planned and the fuel consumption will be higher. So make sure you make it a habit to check your tyres.

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