What features does a good summer tyre have?

A summer tyre is a complex product. From the outside it might just look like an inflated rubber product, but trust me there is more than meets the eye. The main ingredient in the tyre is rubber, but with rubber you have an endless combinations of various mixtures and compounds. For summer tyres the compound is optimised to perform during the normal span of summer temperatures.  This is to make sure that the rubber doesn’t get too soft or too hard within this temperature span.

Different parts of a tyre use different rubber compounds to give you the best wear and tear for you tyre. All this while still having a low rolling resistance.  A high rolling resistance will adversely affect your fuel economy.  A tyre also needs to be quiet, so it won’t disturb your driving comfort. These are some of the important factors that people should consider when choosing a tyre. The tyres have to be durable as we drive down the roads, hitting stones, potholes and other defects that the road might have.

A quality tyre usually consists of 10 to 30 different compnents, such as cables, textiles or steel belts. Most of them are some kind of reinforcements that ensure the optimal wear and tear resistance. The tread pattern of a summer tyres has been optimised for the summer conditions, including the summer rain that tends to hit the roads now and then. The summer tyre needs to be able to push the water away to still remain in contact with and to grip the road surface. The tread design structure plays a key role in channelling away water to the sides of the tyre.

As there are many factors that you need to conside when you buy a set of tyres the key ones are; road safety, fuel economy, noise level, rolling resistance, durability and performance. With so many factors, you can imagine that there are several tyres that can’t meet all of these. Therefore you will need to spend some time and do research of which tyre manufacturers do build good tyres and do vigorous testing of them, to ensure that they meet your demands. Once you then select your tyres, you should be quite comfortable that you have a good tyre.

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