Are Wider Summer Tyres Better For Your Car?

You often see cars with wider tyres during the summer. So, one might wonder if it increases the performance of your car on the summer roads. It would seem logical that the more rubber you have in contact with the road surface, the better grip you would have. A wider, lower-profile tyre is more sensitive to driver’s steering movements and suits for drivers who value a sporty look. On the other hand, a wide tyre will be more sensitive to the grooves in the road. Narrower, higher-profile tyres still mean more driving comfort.

Wider summer tyres are also more prone to aquaplaning, which is something you want to avoid. A narrower tyre displaces water better than a wider tyre.  If you are planning to fit your car with wider tyres, then you should be a bit more cautious when it rains or when the roads are wet. The lower the speed, the more time the tyre has to push away water before it causes problems. If you experience aquaplaning, you should always take your foot away from the gas pedal and let the car slow down until the tyres get contact with the road surface again.

Before installing wider tyres in your vehicle, make sure to check your car’s manual and recommendations. Car manufacturers define the standard tyre size and profile as well as optional sizes for each vehicle.

Best is always to get advice from an expert at a tyre shop, before changing to wider summer tyres. The last thing you want to do is to jeopardise your safety just to make your car look sleeker. However a crashed car looks bad regardless how it looked prior to that. So listen to an expert view on your choices.

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