A Recommended Summer Tyre For Your SUV

A great SUV summer tyre depends a bit on where you plan to drive your SUV. If you’re driving includes off road, then we can definitely recommend Nokian Rotiiva tyre. It is a tyre that is great for both asphalt and on off road conditions. It is a versatile tyre with great safety aspects and a high level of driving comfort. To further enhance the durability of the tyre, the sides are reinforced with aramid fibre, similar to a bulletproof vest. This strengthens the sidewalls to withstand external impacts to the side, caused by rocks and it reinforces it to pressure to the wheel flange.

By selecting a tyre that has been designed for all the factors that you are looking for in a tyre will increase the expected lifespan. You here have a summer tyre and a tyre that is designed for a SUV or lighter trucks and for all terrains, so both on and off road. This puts a lot of pressure on the development team to develop a tyre that can excel under these extreme conditions. You will need to have a rubber compound that will not get too hard nor too soft during the temperatures that you experience during the summer. You will also need to have it reinforced to handle the tough terrain that off road can offer.

This tyre has also aggressive tread pattern, to ensure that you get good grip on both the asphalt as well as the off road conditions. You have stabilizers to ensure great driving stability. You have cooling ribs to reduce wear, for longer extended lifetime.  You have the aramid fibre reinforced sidewalls with guarantee to ensure you don’t have to worry about if the tyres will handle the extreme conditions that you might experience when truly driving off road.

So if this sounds like it fits your requirements for your SUV summer tyres, then you should give them a try. Nokian Tyres has a long experience of developing and producing great tyres for extreme conditions. You can get great sets of both SUV winter tyres as well as SUV summer tyres, which can satisfy your needs even if you have high requirements in terms of performance. Make sure you select your tyres, as you don’t want to be left stranded off road with a flat tyre.

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