Four Reasons A Summer Tyre Is The Best Choice

Driving a car is all fun until it’s time for maintenance. As a driver you need to check the condition of your tyres and make sure that you have the correct tyre for the appropriate season. Not all people are aware of the fact there is a wide range of tyres available for each season. There are, for example, summer tyres, winter tyres and even all-weather tyres. Since it is still summer season, lets look at the advantages of summer tyres.

Made for speed and agility: These tyres improve the overall grip of your vehicle making it faster and more agile. It is almost like you are glued to the road surface and any movement of the steering wheel is immediately responded.

Better cornering and improved braking: The special tread pattern and advanced rubber compounds of these tyres not only allow you to come in and out of corners safely without losing any grip. Also, if you need to get the car to a halt, the improved traction will make the braking distance shorter.

Shallower grooves: A summer tyre has shallower grooves, which means the tyre has more rubber coming in contact with the tarmac, giving you awesome grip. Allowing you to master the summer roads regardless if you are cruising highways or maneuvering turns and corners.

Perfect for wet surfaces: The special rubber compound, the dimensions of the tyre and the design of the tread pattern make the summer tyre your best friend for wet surfaces. Sports vehicles around the world usually come with summer tyres, that give them maximum traction on wet roads, resulting in more control while speeding and a responsive steering capability while turning on corners. The grooves will be designed for pushing away water from the wet surface, to ensure optimal grip and to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Summer tyres are the perfect companions for you and better than the all-season tyres during summers, as they are designed to give optimal performance during these conditions.  Who wouldn’t like to get the best performance out of their car? Who would want an all-weather tyre that gives half the benefit of a summer tyre and half the benefits of a winter tyre? Well the answer is obvious.  That’s why summer tyres are the way to go during summers!

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