Tyres Impact On Your Car’s Performance

Tyres play a critical role on the performance of your car. Having good tyres can be the difference between you staying on or going off the road. If you follow the Formula 1 races, you will know what critical role the tyre has for winning the race. The changing strategy of selecting the right tyres and optimizing the time when to change the tyres during the race is often what determines the winner. A hard tyre will have higher durability and thus lower wear, while a softer tyre will have better grip and will be faster. A softer tyre will though wear out quicker.

For us drivers, we will have to do similar choices when we select the tyres for our cars. We need to determine when and if to change tyres for different seasons to optimize the performance. We need to determine what type of tyre we want and if we want to prioritize safety, performance, roll resistance or durability.  Also what compromises we are willing to make. It all tends to come down to some type of compromise, as the temperature will vary and so will the weather conditions. Even our driving behavior can vary from sometimes just going back and forth to work to sometimes just wanting to take the car for a spin.

The trick is to optimize the tyre choice to the conditions that prevail. So if you have changing seasons, then opt to go for a set of winter tyres and a set of summer tyres. This will give you good performance from your car all year around, even if you are not a F1 driver.

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