How To Identify That Your Summer Tyres Are Worn Out

The condition of your tyres is important for your driving safety. Tyres are the only connection between you and the road surface. That’s why you need to ensure that your summer tyres are in good condition.

In summer, like in winter, you need to make sure that the tread depth of your tyres is more that 4mm. Once you hit the 4mm mark, it is time to change. You can measure the remaining tread depth with a tyre gauge or with a coin, if your tyre doesn’t have tyre marking displaying the remaining millimeters. The less depth you have, the less performance you can expect to get from your tyres. It is especially dangerous to drive with worn out tyres when it rains, because you will have less volume of water that can be pushed away by the tyre.

With worn out tyres, your brake distance will become longer and we all know how critical it often is that we can stop as quickly as possible. It can be a difference between life or death situation in some cases and between a near incident and an accident in other occasions. So make sure to change your tyres as soon as you see that they reach the limit and it is always better to change all the tyres at the same time, to ensure that you have the best control over your car. If you have tyres with different traction it can easily cause problems when you try to maneuver your car.

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