Off-Road Tyres for city use

A lot of people like the ruggedness of off-road SUV tyres. Off-road tyres usually have aggressive tread pattern and special tread compounds to make them extremely durable and to provide additional puncture protection.

With its rugged look, you might think that off-road SUV summer tyres would perform well even if it snows, but this is not the case. If you select a summer off road tyre, the rubber compound will turn very hard when the temperature drops and will not be a good tyre to use during these circumstances. If you select an SUV all-weather tyre that is made for off-road, then you will be fine also when the snow hit the roads. If you are driving in places where the winters are extreme and roads covered with ice, you may want to get studded tyres.

We all know that people want their cars to look good and the tyres play a big role in this, but just make sure that you stay safe while looking good!

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