All-Weather Vs Winter Tyres


The brand, tread pattern and development technology show the advancements of winter and all-weather tyres. Picking one depends upon numerous factors like; needs, conditions, and the climate.

All-weather tyres

The terms all-weather and all-season appear the same, however, they are not. Despite that the names are almost the same, all-weather tyres can perform better in winter conditions. They have treads that are blockier, like winter tyres. They are basically a hybrid between all-season and winter tyres and can take care of milder winter conditions.

Winter tyres

As the name suggests, winter tyres are designed specifically for one reason and for one season. You have two types of winter tyres. Studded and non-studded. The studded have to provide utmost traction in snow and on ice. These tyres are designed in such a way that small metal studs protrude from the tread, which enables the wheel to grasp the snow and ice, having complete control over it. The non-studded tyres are without studs and use tread design to ensure sufficient traction.

Winter tyres vs. all-weather tyres

The option between winter tyres vs. all-weather tyres will depend on where you live and the conditions in which you tend to drive in. Sometimes the choice is easy to make and sometimes it is more difficult.

If you hardly see any winter conditions, or they are quite mild, then all-season tyres are possibly the way to go. It will save you the hassle of changing tyres and you are ready for any weather that you will face, which can be quite reassuring if you need your car every day.

If however the winter duration with freezing roads is constantly a difficulty, then choosing winter tyres is the way to go. When mounting winter tyres for the cold season, make sure that you change the full set.  Just changing the front tyres increases the chance that the rear tyres will skid. Likewise, simply putting winter tyres at the rear wheels should cause the front tyres to lose traction and make it not possible to steer your vehicle. When the winter season ends, you can change back to your all-weather tyres or then to summer tyres. If you will have warm summer season, then you will have better performance with summer tyres.

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