Best Winter Tyres For Your SUV

Equipping your SUV with winter tyres is the best way to improve the traction between your SUV and the road surface. Winter tyres are designed for having grip, handling, and traction during the winter season and allow control when driving on snow, slush or ice. Winter tyres are designed with special rubber compounds that makes the tyre remain flexible at low temperatures, and with a tread pattern that works well on snow and ice at cold temperatures and in extreme conditions where summer tyres’ rubber would get hard. In cold climate, even on dry roads, the softer rubber compound in winter tyres is more flexible and can conform to the road surface. This is why you need winter tyres for your SUVs, trucks or other large vehicle. It will give you great traction, handling, and grip on both snow and ice.

All SUV winter tyres, SUV studded or SUV non-studded tyres will have better grip on snow and ice than a non-winter tyre. The better quality tyre you select, the better properties you will get. Considering the challenging circumstances that you face during the winter, there should be no reason to try to save a bit of money by selecting an inferior quality winter tyre. For your own safety and for that of the other drivers on the road, make a wise decision.

The selection between studded or non-studded tyres, depends a bit on where you plan to drive. If you mainly drive in the city, you will probably be satisfied with a non-studded tyre. The studded tyres do have better traction on ice and packed snow. So if you will drive in areas where you will need more traction, then the studded tyre is preferable, otherwise the common choice is the non-studded tyre.

When you have winter tyres on your SUV, you will be able to drive during winter without worrying about what weather conditions you will face when you wake up. Make sure to change the tyres early enough so that you are ready for the winter once it finally arrives. When winter arrives you will feel good that you can drive safely and will be able to maneuver on snowy and icy roads without problems, which would be impossible if you didn’t have proper winter tyres on your SUV. Your other tyre set will also last longer, as you are only using them half the year, as you have the winter tyres on the other half of the year.

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