What Tyre Options Do You Have For The Winter?

When it comes to driving in winter conditions you should have a tyre that is approved for winter driving. Those tyres will have a mountain peak with a snowflake symbol indicating that they have been tested and approved for winter driving.

You basically have three tyre options:

All-weather tyres, which allow you to drive all year without changing tyres. As you can imagine this is a bit of a compromise and if you don’t go for the best quality of all-weather tyres, you will for certain not get the best performance.

For areas where the weather is a bit more uncertain, where you might not always have winters or the summers are not so extreme you already have very good conditions for an all-round tyre.

Then you have the dedicated winter tyres, where you have studded and non-studded. As you can imagine, the main differentiator are the metal studs that are inserted into the tread to improve the traction, especially on ice and icy surfaces. These tyres are for areas where you do have clear spells of real winter and you do need proper tyres to maneuver through the snow, slush and ice that will cover the roads.

The studded tyres are a sure choice for areas with harsh winter conditions. With studded tyres you do get a bit better traction, especially on ice and packed snow.

The non-studded tyre is a good winter tyre, especially in areas where the roads are not always covered in ice, which can happen in coastal areas. The non-studded a bit quieter than the studded ones, so many prefer them if the studs are not needed.

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