Check Your Tyre Pressure End Of Summer


As defined by the thermodynamic gas laws, the pressure of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature. That means, as the temperature will fall, the pressure will also decrease. So it is thus important that you swing by the petrol station and check that the pressure is correct in your summer tyres. It can be worth checking the tyre pressure if there is a big swing in temperature, just to make sure that the pressure is correct.

Why is tyre pressure important?

The tyre is the contact point between your car and the road surface. Four contact areas the size of your palm keep your car on the road and you in control of your vehicle. Tyres are carefully designed with specific tread pattern, to ensure that you get the best performance. If the tyres are under or over inflated, this means that the tread in contact with the surface is not as intended and can thus not provide the best performance. Under-inflated tyres can cause heat build up in the tyre, which leads to increased wear. The friction is also higher, so you will have higher rolling resistance and higher fuel consumption. And most importantly the safety is impacted, as the braking distance becomes longer and you will not have the grip when taking corners and when braking.

So don’t be negligent, keep checking your tyre pressure on a regular basis. Make sure that you are not wasting money on increased wear and fuel costs. Don’t decrease the safety, while you drive.

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