Proper Maintenance Of Your Winter Tyres

For proper maintenance of your car tyres, follow the points below.

 Tyre pressure

Making sure that you have correct pressure in your winter tyre is the easiest way to make sure that your tyres will be well maintained. A tyre with the wrong tyre pressure will consume more fuel, wear out faster and not perform as it should, so you risk part of your safety. A quick check at least every month will do the job.

Tread depth

Tread depth ensures that you will get the performance out of the tyre that you expect. If you go below the recommended tyre depth of 4mm, your tyre will not be able to deliver good driving properties, braking distance will increase, you will not be able to effectively push away snow, slush and water when you drive. Winter tyres with less than 4mm tread depth should be changed.

Change the tyres

Make sure to change tyres from summer to winter tyres in time, before the winter weather arrives. Also remember to change back in time. You should not drive on winter tyres in warm summer conditions, as they will be too soft and your wear will increase and performance decrease.

 Rotate the tyres

Make sure to rotate the tyres between each season, to ensure even wear between the tyres. It is important with studded tyres that you don’t change sides of the tyres. If you by mistake install a left tyre on the right hand side, you change the direction of the wheel and you risk that the studs that have set in a specific position can fall out from the tread.


Visual inspection

Just quickly check that the tyres are in good condition. I always recommend doing a quick check when you are fueling your car, a bit more thorough inspection every month and then have the service station check them when the tyres are changed between summer and winter. There the tyre professionals check also the alignment and the tread depth.

Drive carefully

Drive responsibly and keep the speed at a reasonable level. Push down the gas pedal slowly, so that your wheels don’t just start spinning.

When all this is done, I would say that you are taking proper care of your tyres and they should last the intended product life.

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