How To Save Money By Buying A Good Set Of Winter Tyres

 It sounds very strange that you would save money by buying a high quality set of winter tyres. However the saying that cheap to buy, expensive to own, tends to be the case with tyres. If you settle for what might be a cheap tyre when you buy it, will most probably end up costing you more. This doesn’t even include the higher risk of an accident, due to poorer performance. If we would include accidents and injuries caused by bad tyres, the comparison would be even more skewed towards buying high quality tyres.

When buying cheaper tyres, they will most likely not be as durable and they will wear out faster, so that you will need to buy a new set earlier than you would have had to if you went for a high quality tyre. A cheaper tyre tends to have higher rolling resistance, which has a negative impact on your fuel efficiency. This will result in you to having to stop more frequently at petrol stations to refuel your car. The increased fuel costs incurred by a cheaper tyre, will very quickly shift the situation in favor for a high quality tyre.

So in addition to the fact that you are more likely to get a punctured tyre, more likely to be in an accident, you need to buy tyres more often and your fuel costs will be higher. Do I need to say more?

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