Best Tyres For Winter

The best tyres for winter are winter tyres, a good quality set of winter tyres. If you go for quality you can be sure that you will remain safe on the roads even during extreme winter conditions. The best tyres tend to come from countries that have extreme winter conditions. This is because they know what is required and they have great test facilities to ensure continuous testing of current and new developments.

You can choose a good quality set of studded or non-studded tyres, both are great.  The studded tyre tends to have better traction especially on ice. So if your winter surfaces are predominantly icy conditions versus snowy, then you are better off with a studded option. If you drive more on snowy or city roads, then you will be fine with a winter tyres that is non-studded. If they are of high quality, you can be sure that they will almost perform equally well in winter conditions.

Ability to maneuver and have traction when you want to accelerate and stop, are key criteria, which you need to have when driving on winter surfaces. The right rubber compound for winter temperatures is standard in winter tyres, but you need to make sure that the tyres that you choose are approved for winter driving. They will have a symbol indicating that they have been tested and approved for winter conditions. This symbol an alpine mountaintop with three peaks and a snow flake inside it. If your tyres don’t have this symbol they are not approved for winter driving.

When you choose studded tyres, there might be regulations indicating from what date is the earliest that you can have them mounted on your car. There tends to also be dates when you need to have them removed.  Make sure to follow these to avoid any tickets from the police if you are pulled over. There tends to also be rules stating that you must have winter tyres mounted to be able to drive when there are winter conditions. The winter tyres must also be in good condition with tread depth above the minimum. Tyres are very important for the safety of the car, and for your driving safety. It is crucial that you respect the importance and make sure you mount good tyres on your car.

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