If You Need New Winter Tyres

If you don’t yet have winter tyres on your car and you need a new set of tyres, here are a few great options from the inventor of winter tyres, Nokian Tyres. Having one of the most northern testing facilities, for continuous testing of tyres, they keep raising the bar for great tyres. Some of the newest winter tyres coming out of Finland and Nokian Tyres are:

Comes with a patented double stud technology to provide excellent acceleration and braking grip on winter surfaces. This is a great tyre if you are looking for best grip on icy and snowy roads.

If you are looking for a non-studded tyre option then Nokian Tyres has the:

A non-studded winter tyre, which also offers excellent grip on snowy and icy roads. It has bio-based Cryo Crystal 3 grip particles added to the tread instead of studs, to provide excellent grip. They utilize multi-faceted snow claws between the tread blocks and shoulder to create good grip for acceleration and braking.

So if you are looking for great winter tyres out of Finland, visit my website today at https://nokiantyres.com/.