Time To Get Your SUV Ready For Winter

Your SUV, despite maybe looking like a robust vehicle that can manage any hurdles, will still need to get ready for winter. You will still need to ensure that your tyres are approved for winter, that the windshield wiper fluid has enough glycol in it to prevent it from freezing. You will need to ensure that you can keep your windshield clear. As the winters are dark, it requires that you have better visibility than during the summer. So make sure that your windshield wiper blades are in good condition and that you have sufficient amount of wiper fluid.

Make sure that your tyres are in good condition. If they are winter approved and in good condition. The tread depth should be more than 4mm and if you have studded tyres, the studs should be in good condition. If you have non-studded tyres, then the tread surface should be in good condition, to ensure that you will have good grip on slippery surfaces. A summer tyre will not give you traction when the temperature drops below zero. The reason is that the materials and tread design in a summer tyre will make the tyre have optimal properties during the warm summer weather, not winter.

During winter temperatures, summer tyres’ rubber compound will become very hard. Hard rubber on slippery conditions has almost no traction and you will not be able to get anywhere or you will not be able to get your SUV to stop. This is what can often be seen on the news, where they show clips of cars being hit by the first winter conditions and they just slide around, out of control. This is why it is very important that you change your tyres before the winter hits, even though it would look like your tyres can handle a bit of harsh weather.

If you would end up in an accident with your summer tyres, you might be better of being in an SUV than in a normal car, but you are jeopardizing others’ safety, by your negligence of changing tyres. It is often illegal to drive with summer tyres when there are winter conditions. So if you are in an accident you could be in big trouble, as you are not allowed to have summer tyres on your vehicle. So make sure that you change now and get ready for winter.

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