Safe Driving During Winter Conditions

The best way to stay safe when driving during the challenging winter conditions is to make sure that you have proper tyres for the conditions. If you live in an area where real winter weather including snow, ice and slush is expected, you will need proper winter tyres. Winter tyres have a symbol indicating that they are approved for winter conditions. The winter-approved symbol is a mountaintop with three peaks and a snowflake symbol inside it. If your tyre has this on the sidewall, your tyre is approved for winter conditions. This means that it has been rigorously tested and approved for being able to handle the winter weather conditions.

You basically have two different winter tyre options to choose from, the studded and the non-studded ones. These both have rubber compounds that remain soft even in temperatures below zero. A summer tyre gets hard and has almost zero traction in winter, whereas a dedicated winter tyre remains agile and is able to conform to the wintry surfaces it faces. The tread design between summer and winter tyres is different and the grooves are wider in the winter tyres to be able to handle slush and snow.

Studded tyres have studs that are incorporated into the tyre tread. The studs give tyres great grip especially on ice and tightly packed snow, which makes controlling of you vehicle easier when turning, accelerating or stopping. The non-studded tyres are able to provide perfect grip with innovative tread designs, where sipes are acting as claws on the icy surfaces. The special rubber compounds used in these tyres may include specific grip particles that improve grip on ice.

It is not only the fact that you need excellent winter tyres to drive safely during the winter, but you also need to be more cautious when driving. Adjusting your speed for the conditions is essential. You need to reduce your speed a bit and keep longer distances to the cars in front of you. Your braking distance is longer in the winter conditions, so make sure keep this in mind in winter. If you follow all this, you can enjoy safe journeys during the winter.

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