Why You Should Leave Your Car Home?

There are definitely times when you need to consider leaving your car at home. This can happen when we have some big storms or the weather is just very out of the ordinary. It can be dangerous to try to get out on the roads when it is not safe to drive.

This can happen for example if you wake up to find out that winter season has arrived and you still have summer tyres mounted on your car. It is not safe to drive with summer tires during winter. The reason why it is not safe is that the tyre is optimized for summer temperatures. During the winter temperatures, the rubber used in summer tyres will turn hard and inflexible. The hard rubber will not guarantee high-level traction on wintry surfaces. In addition, the tread design of summer tyres is also not optimized to handle snow and slush.

So, if you wake up and you don’t have your winter tyres on your car, it is best to leave the car at home and try to find alternative transportation or work from home. To be able to drive safely during the winter you need tyres that are designed for winter. Winter tyres do not get hard and inflexible during cold winter weather. You need a tyre that will remain soft and flexible and is able to adapt to the winter surfaces in order to gain traction. So it is not only important to have good winter tyres, you also need to make sure that you mount them on your car before the winter weather hits your area. If you fail to do it on time, stay safe and try to wait for the weather to become a bit better, or then you will need to mount the tyres where the car is.

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