SUV Winter Tyre Is A Necessity During The Winter Season

Even before the winter hits, you should change tyres on your SUV to a set of SUV winter tyres. By doing this you ensure that you can continue driving safely when the winter arrives. Harsh winter conditions require dedicated winter tyres, regardless of what kind of a vehicle you drive. They are designed to handle snow, ice and slush that you will be encountering in winter.

It is not only the winter conditions you will need to worry about, also the drop in temperature will have a negative impact on your summer tyres. Summer tyres become hard and inflexible, so even on dry asphalt the braking distance will be worse for the summer tyre than for a winter tyre. It is time to change to winter tyres when the temperature drops close to zero.

Don’t be fooled by thinking that your SUV doesn’t need winter tyres. SUV is  heavy so you need to make sure you can get it to stop in time.

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