All-Weather Tyres Can Improve Your Safety

For countries that don’t have regular occurring winters or very limited winters, an all-weather tyre can be a perfect choice to ensure safety throughout the year. As the temperatures drop below zero you should already be driving with a winter approved tyre. A summer tyreswill not be able to give you the traction and safety properties that you expect from your tyres in winter.

If you tend to drive the whole year with summer tyres, then you should not try to drive when winter temperatures hit, especially not if there is snow or ice on the streets. You then have a choice to switch to winter tyres, but if you rarely have winters, then this might be an overkill. For these instances an all-weather tyre might be your best option. An All-weather tyre is optimized to work in the full temperature range from summer to winter temperatures.

The good thing is that you are ready for any type of weather when you have these tyres mounted on your car. They will not give you the best performance during the summer season, but they will most probably be good enough for most cars if you buy a high quality all-weather tyre. They will for sure be better than any summer tyre during winter conditions and much safer. An all-weather tyre that has been approved for winter driving, will give you the necessary traction for safe winter driving. You can handle challenging conditions like ice, snow and slush. It can also handle all the summer conditions including heavy rain and still prevent aquaplaning, as long as you don’t drive too fast.

All weather tyres tend to be recommended for people who live in areas where you have only occasional winters, or the winters are not so harsh that it warrants special tyres for the winter season. You will always be better off with proper winter tyres during the winter season, but you will be light-years better off with all-weather tyres than you will be with summer tyres, when you are faced with winter conditions. To improve your safety, then shift to all-weather tyres instead of using summer tyres during some occasional winter weather, especially if you are very dependent on your car and can’t leave it behind on the days when you have winter conditions. It is by no means safe to drive with summer tyres during these conditions.

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