Drive Cautiously When Winter Arrives

Winter is a very nice season, which if you are in northern Europe tends to be snow-filled and cold. This does cause some challenges for us drivers who need to get from one point to another. Drivers in Northern Europe tend to be used to it, so it doesn’t cause too much havoc when the snow arrives. The main challenge is to change tyres early enough so that you don’t get caught with the wrong tyres on your vehicle when the winter weather arrives.

Driving cautiously is very important during the winter as the driving conditions are so challenging. When you face snow, ice and slush, which are all slippery, it is easy to lose control over your vehicle, especially if you don’t have the proper tyres for these conditions. Adjusting your speed to the driving conditions is very important as the braking distance is drastically increased, as the road surface gets more slippery. This means that you need to keep even more distance to the cars in front of you. Also make sure that you avoid other distractions. As darkness comes with the winter, this will impact your visibility; so make sure that you also take this into consideration when you drive.

Winter driving is not that difficult once you know how to drive cautiously and respect Mother Nature. It is good to practice braking and sharp turns, so that you know how the car behaves if you need to make sharp turns or slam the brakes.  If you fit your car with good quality winter tyres, then you know that you have the best prerequisites for driving successfully.  You should have the best possible grip on snow and ice and be to manage slushy weather without losing control over the vehicle. So then it is all down to practice and making sure that you adjust the speed to the environment. This doesn’t mean that you have to drive really slowly; it means that you need to adapt to the weather and the road conditions.

Try to avoid being in a hurry when you drive in winter conditions, as slippery surfaces react badly to hasty driving. It is better to arrive safely and few minutes late than trying to rush and drive too fast. Way too many accidents happen because people are in too big of a hurry and drive too fast and don’t keep enough distance to the cars in front.

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