Driving With An SUV Through Europe During Winter Time

In winter, living in central Europe or driving through it, your tyre options might seem a bit limited. Studded tyres are forbidden in Germany and Poland. So if you live in either of these countries or if you live in one of the other countries, but tend to drive through Europe, you need a non-studded winter tyre. If you are stopped driving with studded tyres in Germany, you will be fined and not allowed to continue driving, so this is a mistake that should be avoided.

You basically have two winter tyre options for your SUV, one being an SUV all-weather tyre or an SUV non-studded tyres. When you select an SUV all-weather tyre, you need to make sure that it is approved for winter driving. Not all of them are approved, so it is worth checking that they have the winter approval symbol on the sidewall. There should be a mountaintop symbol with a snowflake inside it. If a tyre doesn’t have this symbol, it means it hasn’t been approved and should not be used in winter conditions.

It is important to realize that when the temperature changes to minus, summer tyre’s properties change in such a profound way that you should not drive with them. Winter tyres have been designed with winter conditions in mind, so their properties will not be impacted by low temperatures. They will have excellent driving properties for all winter conditions, so regardless if you will have snowy, icy or slushy roads, you will be able to drive with good control. You will have a thread design that can handle snow and slush and allow short braking distance.

When you have SUV all-weather tyres mounted, then you can drive with the same tyres even during summer. So you are not forced to change tyres in the same way that you are with non-studded tyres aimed only for winter. Winter tyres will become too soft during summer and will wear out faster. So at the end of the winter season, when you are sure that the winter will not return, then you should change to a set of SUV summer tyres.  The all-weather tyres in that sense make it easier, as you are always ready for any weather. Always ready to get into your SUV and drive to your next destination.

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