Perfect Tyres For Central Europe

Even if you do not live in the Nordic countries, you can still benefit a lot from Nordic tyres, especially if you live in an area that experiences some wintery weathers. You basically have the option to use an all weather tyres or then go for using a summer tyre and changing it to a non-studded tyres for winter. As studded winter tyres tend not to be allowed in many countries, you are limited to the friction ones, but the development has been amazing and now friction tyres are almost as good as studded tyres.

The main development has been in the rubber mixture, the tread design and the additives which have been incorporated into the tyre to improve the grip on icy surfaces. In Cryo Crystal Technology, you have crystal like particles added to the tread, so that the surface becomes more like sand paper to ensure that they will grip the ice. Sipes that are part of the tread design are also helping to act like suction cups gripping the ice.

The tread is designed so that you will have perfect grip on snow, and the grooves are able to create grip and make sure that if there is slush on the road, they can channel the slush away to the sides. Failure to achieve this will cause the tyres to lose contact with the road surface. When you don’t have contact between the tyres and the road surface, the car will be floating on top of the slush, a.k.a slushplaning. This is similar to what happens when you have water and experience aquaplaning.

The better tyres you have, the better properties your tyres tend to have and thus improved performance. During winter when you have such a vast range of different weather, maybe even during the same day, you need to be ready for these shifting conditions. This is where the quality of the tyre comes in. So, if you want to ensure that you stay safe and have the best possible driving performance regardless of surface, then a Nordic tyre is probably for you. You will have peace of mind knowing that the tyres have been properly tested and optimized for the best performance.

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