Reasons To Have Winter Tyres On Your Car

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you need to make sure that you have winter tyres on your car if you have winter conditions.

Legal: Depending on the country, there might be legal requirements that make it mandatory to have winter tyres on your vehicle when you drive and you have winter conditions. Make sure you know what rules apply in your area.

Grip: To ensure that you have any grip when you have winter, you need to make sure that you have winter tyres with good grip on slippery surfaces. You can choose between studded tires or non-studded tires that are winter approved.

Braking distance: Without winter tyres and basically no grip on slippery surfaces, your braking distance will be severely prolonged, which means that crashes are almost inevitable. For you to be able to successfully get your car to stop, you will need to have good grip.

Slushplaning: The ability to handle slush and prevent slushplaning requires that you have winter tyres with grooves that can channel the slush to the sides, so that the tyre remain in contact with the road surface.

Traction on ice: Summer tires don’t have much traction on ice and during winter temperatures the rubber will become hard, like hockey pucks on ice, which are know for gliding very well.

Each of these reasons will contribute to your winter safety and will help keeping you and the people around you safe while driving during winter. So even if it is not required by law to have winter tyres, remember that it is not safe to drive with summer tyres or tyres that are not approved for winter weather if you have snow or ice.

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