Make Sure You Know What Tyre You Have On Your Vehicle

When people buy cars they put a lot of emphasis on the car selection and on every accessory and engine size, while the tyre selection gets less attention. It feels like the color of the car gets more emphasis in the selection process than the tyres. This must mean that most people don’t really understand the significance of the tyres in the cars performance and safety.

Acceleration and speed

If your vehicle doesn’t have good tyres, then the grip will not be optimal and you will not have the optimal acceleration. For high speeds you also need to ensure that you have a high quality tyre with a high-speed rating.

Control and maneuverability

The ability to have good control and stability when you drive is to high degree controlled by the tyres and what grip and control they can give you. The tread design is optimized to give you the best control and stability during different conditions.

Braking distance, car noise and fuel efficiency

With the new EU tyre label these factors are now marked on tyres for easy comparison, so it is easy to see that these factors vary a lot between tyres and directly impact the cars performance and driving comfort. With the braking distance you have a clear safety aspect, as getting the car to stop quickly can save you from accidents.

Ability to drive on snow, ice and slush

The tyres that you have mounted on your vehicle directly control your ability to drive in winter conditions. If you have the wrong tyres, it matters little how good your vehicle is. You will need tyres that are approved for winter conditions. A proper set of winter tyres is your best option to cope with snow and slush and if you go for studded tyres, then you have the best condition to also face icy conditions.

If you want to ensure that you have a safe car that has the performance that you paid for, you need to make sure that you select carefully the best tyres for your vehicle. So next time make sure that you make a more conscious decision regarding the tyre and put more time on this than selecting the color of the vehicle. Selecting a tyre with low rolling resistance will certainly save you any extra investment made in high quality tyres.

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