How To Stay Safe On The Winter Roads

Staying safe while driving is a combination of a few things: having a safe car, having good quality winter tyres and driving safely. The first one can be difficult to change if you already have made your decision and you have purchased a car. The second one is very important and you need to make sure that you have a good tyre that is tested and approved for winter conditions. All the winter tyres that are tested and approved will have a symbol of a three-peak mountain with a snowflake inside it, commonly referred to as the 3PMSF symbol. If your tyres don’t have this symbol you shouldn’t be driving in winter conditions. It is that easy. You need to immediately get proper tyres if you want to drive in winter weather.

The choice of what tyre to select will depend on where you live and what weather you tend to experience throughout the year. You can basically categorize it into:

Mild to moderate winters

You live in an area that doesn’t always get winter weather and if there is some, it will not be much and not for long periods of time. Here your tyre choice can be an all-weather tyre, which would allow you to also drive during the summers. It also allows you to always be ready to drive regardless of weather conditions.  If you are ok with changing a non-studded winter tyre is then your best option.

Moderate winters to proper winter

Here you will for sure have winters, but they are not the harshest conditions. You will have snow and ice during the season. Here the non-studded winter tyres can be a good option. Studded winter tyres can also be used if there are no restrictions of their use.

Harsh winter conditions

When you have real winter with lots of snow and ice that carries on for most of the winter season, you will also face the harshest winter conditions. Studded tyres will always give you the best grip on ice, so this is your best option for these conditions. The non-studded tyres can also be a good option, especially if you experience a lot of snow.

Regardless of your tyre option that you combine with your car, you will also need to drive safely. Speed should be adjusted to the conditions that prevail. Even the best car and the best tyres can keep you out of an accident if you are a reckless driver.

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