Things To Check Before Going On A Winter Vacation With The Car

Some people enjoy taking the car when the go on winter vacation. Most people want to go skiing and then it is easy as you can easily pack the car full with ski equipment. The ski boxes on top of the car have made it easy to store the skis and the rest of the equipment can go in the trunk.

Before setting of on your vacation it is good to plan. Plan the route you want to drive to get to the end destination. Call your insurance company to ensure that you have all papers and you are covered all along the route.

Check the condition of your tyres. If the tread depth is below or close to 4mm, it is recommended to change the tyres before trip, so you can drive safely and without problems along the way.

If you have studded tyres, you will need to check if they are allowed in all the countries you might drive through if you plan to go abroad. Non-studded tyres should be ok.

You will need to have an extensive emergency kit in the car with a reflective vest, warning triangle, flashlight, first aid kit and some blankets.

Check also the weather forecast and then once you are all packed up and ready to go, stop at a petrol station and check the tyre pressure, to make sure it is in line with the car manual. Low tyre pressure can cause your trip to become more expensive due to higher fuel bills and you will also wear out your tyres quicker.

Make sure to fill up the windshield washer fluid and change the wiper blades if needed to ensure good visibility. 

Have a good trip!

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