Summer Is Approaching; Do You Need New Tyres?

Those who have had winter tyres on their vehicles during the winter season, will soon need to change the tyres to summer tyres if not done yet. Depending on how much tread there was left on the summer tyres before you put on the winter tyres, you might need to purchase a new set of summer tyres.

When selecting winter tyres, you usually make the choice between studded tyres and non-studded tyres. With summer tyres you don´t need to make such a choice. There is still a big difference between different summer tyres based on the rubber compound that is used in the tyre and the tread design. Compared to winter tyres, the summer tyres have a rubber compound that is optimized for the warm temperatures, so that they will have the right degree of softness during the normal summer temperature interval.

If you try to use a summer tyre during wintertime when the temperature is below zero degrees, the summer tyre will become hard and will not give you the grip that you would expect out of your tyre. This is why it is always recommended to change to winter tyres when you have temperatures below zero or you have harsh winter conditions. It is very dangerous to try to drive with summer tyres during winter conditions; you always need to change to proper winter approved tyres and keep them on as long as you have winter conditions. Don’t change too early. If the winter weather suddenly returns, you may need to leave your car home if you have already mounted the summer tyres. I know it can be very tempting to change to summer tyres as soon as there is a sign of warm weather, but you should wait until you are very sure it won’t return.

Summer tyres need to give you good stability and control on dry and wet roads. The tread will determine how good grip you will get. The EU tyre label will indicate how good wet grip you get from the tyres, what is the rolling resistance and the noise level. Information helps you compare different tyres. High quality tyres tend to save you money in the long run as they usually last longer and are more fuel efficient due to low rolling resistance.

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