The Importance Of Good Tyres

Most people never realize how important tyres are for the car’s safety and driving performance. People tend to think that tires are something you need to have. They are just one of these things that you buy and use until you need to buy a new set. When people buy cars, a lot of time and effort is put into the buying process.:Test driving, engine size, color selection and even deciding what type of interiors and extra that you want to have.

Tyres are rarely discussed. The car comes with a set of tyres and people are often satisfied with that. If the car comes with summer tyres, you might purchase a set of winter tyres if you need them for driving during the winter season. The good thing is that most cars come with high quality tyres. even though not all the tyres are the same and there can be significant differences especially based on how you will use the car.

Since safety and fuel efficiency are many times the key decisive factors when selecting a car, it is funny that the tyres have an impact on both of them and still the tyres are not even considered in most cases. On the EU tyre label, there are 3 characteristics highlighted regarding the safety and environmental aspects of a tyre. You have the rolling resistance of the tyre, which impacts the fuel efficiency of the car. A high rolling resistance will make the car consume more fuel, while a low will consume less. The second highlighted characteristic is the wet grip, which is how fast you can stop the car on a wet surface.

It is good to search for more information about tyres before buying them as they have such a significant impact on the cars behavior. Reading tyre tests performed by a third party like a motor magazine tends to give you a good view of which tyres are good for certain conditions. Also the EU tyre label may help you make the final decision between a few tyres.

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