Great Tyres For High Speed Driving

When you have a vehicle that can handle the high speeds, then you will need to also match it with good quality tyres that have a high-speed rating. When driving at high speed you will need a tyre that can handle the high-speed and provide you with the stability at the high speed that you need with precise steering to give you a safe and enjoyable drive. Combine that with great wet grip properties (information is available on the EU tyre label) to ensure that you can stop quickly and manage heavy rain without the risk of aquaplaning.

Nokian Tyres provides you with great summer tyre choices for high speed driving. You have the new Nokian Powerproof, which is a premium summer tyre for fast driving and then you have the Nokian zLine, which is specially tailored to the summer weathers in Central Europe. Both are great for high-powered cars. The Nokian Powerproof is the new addition to the tyre family targeting high-performance cars.

The Nokian zLine is designed to also work with electric cars, which have a bit higher loads due to the weight of the battery packs. When buying tyres for hybrids or electrical cars, it is worth checking if the tyres are suitable for electrical cars, not all tyres are.

When driving at high speed, make sure that you have sufficient tyre pressure and tread depth remaining on your summer tyres. High speeds can be very liberating and at the same time very exciting feeling, but the key is to remain safe both for yourself and the other people on the roads. The German autobahn is a great place to let the car drive at the speeds that they were made for. Summers are the best season for this as the surface and the behavior of the car is easier to predict. There are less surprises, which is great for keeping you safe. The combination of a good high-performance car and high quality tyres that are made for high speeds is everything you need. Then you are able to enjoy the power of your car to the fullest. Nokian Tyres doesn’t only provide the best winter tyres; they have a full tyre portfolio, including summer tyres.

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