When To Select An All-Weather Tyre For Your SUV

Tyre selection is not always as easy as it might seem. They tyre selection has a big impact on the safety of your vehicle. If you have bought an SUV, which is a very safe vehicle, I am sure that you want to keep the good safety properties of it. Mounting the wrong tyres can make it much more prone to accidents and thus making the vehicle more unsafe. This would be a shame as you have such a safe vehicle to start with.

If you live in an area that will not have the harshest winters and not the longest summers, then I tend to recommend the SUV all-weather tyres option. It saves you some hassle from changing between summer and winter tyres. However, you should still rotate the tyres if there are some differences in the wear between the rear and the front tyres. If you notice a difference of some 2-3 mm in the tread depth, you should rotate the tyres to get more even wear among the tyres. That way you can purchase a full set of tyres once the tyres reach the 4mm tread depth.

The main advantage with all-weather tyres that have been approved for winter use, as I see it, is that you are always ready to drive regardless of weather. Approved tyres will have a symbol on the tyre sidewall depicting a 3-peak mountain with a snowflake inside, often referred to as the 3PMSF symbol. If your tyres have this symbol, then you can drive safely during winter conditions.

If you have to change between SUV winter and SUV summer tyres, you need to be careful to change tyres at the right time. It is not safe to drive with winter tyres in summer and vice versa. If you change the summer tyres too early and a bad winter weather suddenly comes back, you may need to leave your car home during these days. Some people may try to still drive, not knowing how dangerous it is. This is in my view one of the key advantages with the all-weather tyre, that you are always safe while driving.

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