Better Driving Experience With Dedicated Summer Tyres

When you want to get the best possible driving experience, you have to make sure that you have the best possible tyres for the circumstances. Just the same way that you have the best possible driving experience with dedicated summer tyres, you will also have the best possible driving experience and safety when you have dedicated winter tyres. This is important if you live in an area that has proper winters. In these areas you need tyres that can handle the winter conditions, such as snow, ice and slush.

For the summers, it is not as crucial as it is for the winters, but a high performance tyre will give you a much better and precise control over your vehicle. You will have very good grip as you take sharp turns and corners. A summer tyre will have a rubber compound that has been designed for handling summer temperatures. The grip is very dependent on how soft your tyre will be at the temperature range that you are using the vehicle and its tyres. A soft tyre will give you superior grip, but the wear tends to be higher. So they have to be optimized for giving you a great driving experience and still not wearing out too fast.

The grip will also give you a shorter braking distance. The shorter braking distance is important when it comes to avoiding accidents. The faster you can get your vehicle to stop, the safer you will be. What you also need during the summers are tyres that can prevent aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is one of the reasons for accidents during the summers, when a thunderstorm can change the circumstances drastically and you can lose control over your vehicle. To prevent aquaplaning, the high performance tyres include many innovations that will help move the water away from the surface. The grooves also have to be wide and deep to be able to handle enough water. This is why the more worn out your tyres are, the more likely you are to get into a situation caused by aquaplaning.

Low rolling resistance of dedicated and high quality summer tyres will save you money on fuel, so it is not only the improved driving performance that comes with the dedicated tyres, they also improve safety and lower fuel costs.

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