Enjoy The Summer With Good Summer Tyres

If you have summer tyres on your vehicle in summer instead of all-weather tyres, you have the most optimal tyres for the season. Summer tyres perform better than a compromise tyre on sunny and rainy summer days. The all-weather tyres are designed to cope with a larger temperature range, while the summer tyres are designed for use in the warm season only and can therefore be optimized for the particular season. That is why they excel during the summer conditions.

Summer tyres are also optimized for handling summer rain and wet roads with excellent control. Deep grooves are able to push more water away from the surface to prevent aquaplaning. Tyre innovations like Hydro Grooves help effectively prevent aquaplaning by storing water and routing it into the longitudinal grooves. Polished grooves, in turn, enable the water to flow easier and faster allowing more water to move away from the surface to keep the contact between the tyres and the road surface, so that you don’t lose control over your vehicle and remain safe.

During the summer a sudden thunderstorm can quickly jeopardize your safety and cause aquaplaning as the road surface starts amassing water. Ability to avoid aquaplaning with good tyres that have enough tread depth improves your safety drastically. Good wet grip and ability to remain in control even in wet condition and good wet grip ensures that you have a short braking distance in order to avoid accidents.

The good driving experience means that you have stable handling and logical steering with excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions and you have full control while taking curves and corners. You will be able to maneuver your vehicle even at high speeds without risk of losing control; all this requires that you have high quality tyres on your car. High quality tyres have excellent driving properties combined with low rolling resistance and thus low fuel consumption.

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