Summer Safety While Driving

When driving during summer time, you need to make sure that you are safe on the road. Key is to have a safe and reliable car, equipping it with good quality summer tyres that have good safety features. In addition, you need to drive responsibly. Tyres contribute to the safety more than people think. Most people just see tyres as something that you need to have and that they are all the same, while, in fact, tyres differ greatly and a wrong tyre selection can have drastic consequences.

If you are following motor sport, like Formula 1, you probably understand from there how important the tyre selection is and the tyre strategy is often decisive when it comes to winning or losing the race. When it comes to normal driving, the difference is maybe not as drastic, but it can have a big impact and can definitely be the factor that keeps you out of an accident. If your tyres don’t have good grip in sharp corners or curves, you might skid out of control. In addition, if you have worn out tyres, you may experience aquaplaning. In aquaplaning you will lose control over your vehicle and might end up in a serious accident. Being able to stop in time to prevent an accident is one of the most important factors to prevent accidents occurring. This all relates to the braking distance, which is associated with the tyres that you use.

Good high quality tyres that are designed for the summer will have good properties for driving on summer roads in summer temperatures. They will provide you with sufficient grip to be able to have good control over your driving and have a good driving experience. Most high quality tyres that have enough tread depth will be able to prevent aquaplaning, but there are differences. Some of the new innovations made to the tread have made some tyres even better at preventing aquaplaning through better ability to channel water away from the contact point. Aquaplaning happens when the tyre is not able to push all the water away and you lose the contact between the tyre and the road surface. When the contact is lost the tyre will glide on top of the water layer and you will lose the ability to control the car. So make sure to select good tyres with good aquaplaning prevention properties.

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