Ways To Improve Tyre Performance During The Summer

Driving in the summer should be pleasant. You have some of the best driving conditions when the sun is shining and you have good visibility. Summer tyres are designed to handle both wet and dry summer roads. Proper summer tyres are made for summer conditions and they fulfill the requirements that you have on the tyres. EU has tried to make the purchasing of tyres easier by making it mandatory for tyre manufacturers to highlight information regarding wet grip, rolling resistance and rolling noise.

Now buyers can easily compare tyres based on this information. It is worth highlighting that the ratings on the label might not be the most important factors for you, as it all depends on what you want from your tyres. If you are looking for a high performance tyre with a high-speed rating, you will have to start looking for tyres that fulfill this requirement and then use the EU tyre label to make your final decision.

The information on the EU tyre label highlights different features about tyres, like what is the tyre’s rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance will lead to lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Another feature is safety, measured as how fast you can stop the car on a wet surface. This is the wet grip of the tyre. A shorter braking distance will help to keep you out of accidents. Finally, the EU tyre label includes information on the rolling noise of the tyres, where a high noise level will impact the driving comfort in a negative way. A low tyre noise level will be good for your driving comfort.

Another factor that will impact the performance of the tyres is the tread depth, where shallow tread will negatively impact the performance. You should buy new tyres when the tread depth of your tyres is below 4mm. You should monitor tread depth regularly to ensure that you don’t go below the 4mm. Tyre pressure will also impact the performance of the tyres. Low tyre pressure can make the car slide in corners; they will also consume more fuel as the rolling resistance increases.

So the right tyres, with good tread depth and correct tyre pressure will improve the performance during the summer.

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