Electric cars will need good tyres to avoid accidents

Tyres are very important when it comes to avoiding accidents. A set of high quality tyres on an electric car or a hybrid car, will ensure that you have better stability and control over your vehicle.  It will also ensure that your braking distance is as short as possible, helping you to prevent accidents. Without proper high quality tyres you are more likely to be in accidents and one of them could be serious. This goes both for your summer tyres and for your winter tyres. In winters it is even more important to have proper tyres that can manage the tricky winter conditions. For summer tyres you also need good quality tyres to manage curvy roads, quick stops and avoiding aquaplaning during the thunderstorms.

Proper tyre maintenance is needed to ensure that your tyres are in good condition. This includes regular check-ups; cautious driving and that avoid hitting curbs. Potholes should also be avoided especially at high speeds. You also need to make sure that you keep the tyres properly inflated. If the Tyres are not properly inflated they will wear out faster and if the pressure is very low you can also damage the sidewalls of the tyre. Under-inflated tyres will also cause your vehicle to consume more fuel while driving, so you will need to stop at the petrol station more frequently. Nobody wants to waste money on fuel and more frequent tyre replacements not to talk about excessive CO2 emissions, so make sure that your tyres are properly inflated. Over-inflated tyres will have worse grip and you will wear out the center part of the tread prematurely.

For electric cars, due to the higher weight caused by the battery packs,  it is important to also monitor the tread depth of the tyres, as low tread depth decreases the key properties of the tyres such as grip, control and the ability to avoid aquaplaning. You need to have more than 4 mm tread depth to be safe when driving. Make sure to rotate the position of your tyres between each tyre change, so that they will wear out evenly. You always want to purchase 4 new tyres and not less, as you want to make sure that all tyres have the same grip on all positions around the car.

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