Longer driving distances and heavier vehicles wear out the tyres faster

Another thing that is also happening is that people are switching to a different type of vehicle, namely a SUV due to better safety record as well as people finding them stylish and fun to drive. People also move towards hybrid vehicles or electric cars, which are heavier due to heavy battery packs. Then you of course have the hybrid SUVs. It is important that you purchase special tyres that have been designed for this usage. For SUVs you will need special SUV summer tyres or SUV all-weather tyres if you don’t use winter tyres and if you have a hybrid SUV, then you will need SUV–tyres that are able to handle the extra weight and wear.

If you don’t use winter tyres, then it is even more important that you take care of the tyre rotation to ensure that you don’t wear out your tyres prematurely. Tyre pressure is important to check, since if you have low tyre pressure your tyres will wear out even faster. Commuting long distances is not anything you can control, but you will need to make sure that your tyres are in good condition while driving. This requires that you will need to monitor your tyres more carefully than others who drive shorter distances.

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