Make sure that your SUV is as safe as you believe

All the safety reports indicate that the SUVs are safer than normal passenger cars. Statistics show that more people who are in accidents with an SUV survive without major injuries compared to passenger cars. For the SUV to be as safe as possible, you will need to have high-quality SUV tyres. Preferably a set of SUV summer tyres and a set of SUV winter tyres, if you experience any winter. You might also get by with an SUV all-weather tyre if you don’t have severe winters, but not hot summer weather all year round either.

If you don’t have good tyres on your SUV, the likelihood to be in an accident increases, so even if your SUV is safer, it’s not as safe as on premium tyres. Accidents are often caused because you don’t manage to stop your SUV in time to avoid an accident. This is when good quality tyres with sufficient tread depth will save you by providing a shorter braking distance.

It is important to check your tread depth to ensure that you have more than 4 mm remaining depth. It is easy to measure by inserting a coin into the groove and measure how far you were able to insert the coin. You should measure more frequently as you are approaching the 4 mm level. If you don’t change tyres between the seasons, then it is more important to check on a regular basis and also check if there are big differences between the rear and the front tyres. If you notice a big difference, you should rotate the tyres so that the front tyres end up in the rear. This will even out the wear and will make your tyres last longer.

When you purchase new tyres, you want to purchase all 4 new tyres at the same time, since having different grip around the car will destabilize the car’s driving ability and make it more difficult to control and maneuver and you can easily lose control when you take sharp corners. The SUV will start to over or under steer. To avoid having to purchase less than 4 new tyres, you should make sure that you manage the rotation of the tyres.

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