Leaving On Time Makes The Driving Safer

We can all remember situations where we have been in a big hurry to get from one destination to another. We can all agree that the driving is less than optimal at these times. Some people have a habit of always being late and finding themselves in these situations more often than the others. The problem when you are late is that you tend to cut corners and increase speed to make up the time. You stress and tend to stress also other drivers, by not keeping your distance between the cars, which puts more significance on your reaction time and the braking distance of your tyres.

Whether you leave on time or you leave late, stress should be avoided when driving. Driving should be cautious and you should also anticipate the move of other drivers so that you can prepare for what actions you might have to take.

For all driving conditions, you will need to have good tyres on your vehicle. Both your summer tyres and your winter tyres should be of high quality and if you instead opt for choosing an all-weather tyre, then make sure that it is approved for winter conditions, so that you can safely drive all year round with the same set of tyres. The braking distance of the tyres is very important both if you are driving stressed or if you drive cautiously, as a short braking distance will help keep you out of accidents. You can compare tyres based on the EU tyre labels that will highlight the tyres’ ability to stop on wet surfaces by displaying the wet grip of the tyre. The EU label simplifies the buying of tyres a bit as it makes it easy to compare tyres and make a well-informed decision.

On the tyre label there is also highlighted the rolling resistance and the rolling noise from the tyre. These will give you an indication of the fuel efficiency of the tyre and the expected noise level in the coupe when driving. Both should be kept at a low level to ensure that you have an economical and quiet tyre.

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