All-weather tyres during summer

It is often questioned if people can use all-weather tyres during the summer season or if they should use summer tires. The answer is yes, you can use all-weather tyres during the summer. It is not the best tyre, as you will surely get better performance out of a dedicated summer tyre that is designed only to be used for the correct temperature range and the conditions you will experience during the summer. This is especially true if you select high quality tires.

Selecting a high quality all-weather tyre, also approved for winter use, is a perfect solution for people who always want to be ready to drive regardless of conditions. You will lose some performance both during the winter and the summer that can be solved by having two sets of tires, but if you want to stick to one set, then this is a good one.

If you are not all about maximizing the performance and you drive calmly, you will be ok with an all-weather tyre, especially if the winters are not extreme. These tyres are much better than driving with summer tyres during winter conditions or using winter tyres during summer conditions. Dedicated tyres are designed for a much narrower temperature span, so when you go outside this span, you will lose a lot of the key properties that you will need. The all-weather tyres are designed to be able to manage well during the whole temperature range and have a tread design that can cope with a multitude of different conditions. 

The good thing is that when you have very alternating weather, like living in an area that might not have the bad winters but a few times per year, there will be some heavy winter storms causing havoc for the one that do not have proper winter tyres. This ensures that you don’t get caught with the wrong tyres the day that you really need the car, which can happen when you change from winter tyres to summer tyres and then you have a change of weather and the winter weather returns leaving you with absolutely the worst tyres for this condition. This can easily happen when you change to summer tyres too early or change to winter tyres too late.

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